New Review Identifies 7 Factors for High Performing Care Closer to Home

June 26, 2019 - Today, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) and the North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies released a new rapid review, Care Closer to Home: Elements of High Performing Home and Community Healthcare Services.

The North American Observatory on Health Systems and Policies identified seven factors associated with high performing care closer to home:

  1. Interventions that span over time with frequent visits from consistent care providers.
  2. Interventions that incorporate support for both paid and unpaid caregiver.
  3. Interventions that offer a range of program options and delivery methods including social-based supports and self-management supports.
  4. Interventions that offer an individualized approach to meet a client’s unique needs, goals and preferences.
  5. Interventions that include standardized clinical guidelines and protocols.
  6. Interventions that include access to 24/7 support for clients and caregivers through technology.
  7. Inclusion of well-integrated multi-disciplinary care teams that offer services that address a range of health and social needs.

High-performing programs:

  • Maintained or improved functional capacity
  • Avoided or delayed unnecessary institutional-based care
  • Reduced readmission rates
  • Reduced or maintained growth in costs
  • Improved client well-being and satisfaction
  • Improved patient, caregiver and provider experiences

CFHI is supporting partners to expand access to care at home and in the community, better meeting the needs of patients and reducing reliance on expensive hospital infrastructure.

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