Building an Indigenous Mental Health System of Care: Why Culture Matters

April 2016

Consider this…

For generations, Indigenous cultures and knowledge have served as the foundation for understanding what “wellness” is. Understanding culture is a key component of successfully supporting the safe delivery of health services. This video focuses on why culture matters in relation to mental health.

The First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum (FNMWC) is a national framework that addresses mental wellness among First Nations in Canada. The framework is the result of extensive collaboration between the Assembly of First Nations, Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, the National Native Addictions Partnership Foundation, the Native Mental Health Association and other community mental health leaders.

Supported by the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, the FNMWC framework identifies ways to enhance service coordination among various systems.

This video was an interactive webinar held in April 2016 as part of the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement’s Recommended Learning Journey on Indigenous Health. It was led by Carol Hopkins, Executive Director of the Thunderbird Partnership Foundation.

This webinar is a chance to learn about:

  • The value of Indigenous knowledge
  • The validity of Indigenous knowledge systems
  • How Indigenous populations define wellness
  • Why culture matters in mental health
  • How facilities/services can show respect for Indigenous culture in service delivery

Watch the Webinar via YouTube