Presentation from the Diversity in Patient Engagement Learning Exchange Event: Community Health Teams – Building Healthier Communities

March 2019

This presentation was delivered by Shannon Ryan-Carson, Lisa Sutherland, Joanne Probert and David Surette from the Nova Scotia Health Authority. They presented at the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement’s Diversity in Patient Engagement Learning Exchange event.

They shared how their Community Health Teams (CHTs) promote health and wellness through engagement, community development, outreach and a focus on priority populations. They support individuals, families and communities to build knowledge, confidence and skills to help make healthy lifestyle choices; and to better prevent and manage risk factors common across chronic conditions.

A Nova Scotia community health model, CHTs support the health authority in adapting service and program offerings based on the self-identified needs and priorities of individuals or communities. CHTs support equitable access to programs and minimizing of barriers often experienced through traditional healthcare delivery models by using both universal and targeted approaches to intervention, with customized engagement approaches depending on the population.

Watch the Presentation via YouTube