Report of the 2017 Better Together Policy Roundtable

September 2017

The Better Together Policy Roundtable took place in 2017 in Ottawa. It brought together leaders from various sectors to address ways policy can be used to support patient and family-centred care practices, and learn from provincial jurisdictions that have undergone family presence implementation across multiple healthcare organizations and sites.

Forty-nine participants represented 12 provinces and territories – from relevant senior government policy leaders, key partners, and patient and family advisors.

Family presence is a policy innovation that enables patients to designate a family member or loved one who can remain with them 24/7 and be part of their care team. In 2014, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement adapted the Institute for Patient and Family-centred Care’s Better Together: Partnering with Families model to a Canadian context, and since then has led the campaign in Canada – aiming to change the concept of family/caregivers as "visitors" to family/caregivers as "partners in care" in hospitals.

This report captures the planning, delivery and post event thoughts and conversations.

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