INSPIRED COPD Outreach Program Change Package: Implementing an INSPIRED Approach to Care for Patients Living with Advanced COPD

Most people, including those with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), want to be cared for in the familiarity and comfort of their home and community. Receiving care at home improves the quality of life for patients and dramatically reduces their hospital re-admissions.

The INSPIRED COPD Outreach Program™ is a hospital-to-home care model that provides patients with moderate to severe COPD, and their families, the information, tools and support they need to better manage their illness in their home. INSPIRED stands for Implementing a Novel and Supportive Program of Individualized care for patients and families living with Respiratory Disease.

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement has implemented two improvement collaboratives to spread and scale INSPIRED-like programs across the country.

This Change Package outlines components of the INSPIRED COPD Outreach Program™ and provides resources, tips and a suggested measurement approach. It includes information about:

  • Optimization of medications and an action plan for prescriptions
  • Continuity of care in hospital-to-home transitions
  • Individualized, coordinated and proactive care that includes:
  • Partnership building with community and allied healthcare support services
  • Monitoring and evaluation for quality assurance purposes

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