LTC+: Acting on Pandemic Learning Together Self-Assessment Tool

To help support homes from the long-term care (LTC) and retirement home sector learn from each other  strengthen pandemic preparedness, the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute launched LTC+: Acting on Pandemic Learning Together. As part of the program, teams delivering healthcare to older adults in congregate settings complete a Self-Assessment Tool.

The Self-Assessment has been designed to help long-term care and retirement homes determine their level of preparedness for future waves of COVID-19, see where they can improve, and identify / prioritize specific improvement objectives. 

Teams who complete the Self-Assessment can either enter the details in the online portal as part of the registration process or upload their completed PDF document. The Assessment is part of the application for coaching and for seed funding. 

This Self-Assessment Tool is freely available to all teams, even those not participating in LTC+, and can be adapted to local settings.


Teams in British Columbia will need to complete an Assessment Tool developed by BCPSQC. Teams in Manitoba will need to complete an Assessment Tool developed by Shared Health


Resources to Help Teams Complete the Self-Assessment Tool

To complete the Self-Assessment, all teams should work with a patient partner(s). This can include a resident, family or care partner(s). These resources may be useful.