Ottawa Personal Decision Guides


Healthcare providers can use the Ottawa Personal Decision Guide (OPDG) and Ottawa Personal Decision Guide for Two (OPDGx2) to help people identify their decision-making needs (health-related or social), plan the next steps, track their progress and share their views about the decision.

The four steps in each guide support people, individually (through the OPDG) or with a partner (OPDGx2), to:

  • Clarify what decision needs to be made
  • Indicate where they are at in their decision-making process
  • Explore and identify options and the pros and cons of each (in terms of knowledge, values and support)
  • Rate each option’s benefits and risks to show how much it matters to them
  • Create an action plan for their decision.

These guides were developed by Annette O’Connor, Dawn Stacey, MJ Jacobsen at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and University of Ottawa.

Visit the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute website to download the two guides and watch an example video of using the OPDG.