Is Research Working for You?

Whether you work in a health ministry, hospital, private practice, long-term care home or community health organization, you can improve your organization’s policies, systems and the care you provide by using research in the right way. This self-assessment tool will help you identify how you acquire, assess, adapt and apply research and areas for improvement.

Today’s healthcare systems are increasingly complex, with vast quantities of information (often contradictory) from many sources and new demands for accountability. Health services research can help to explain the need for certain decisions; show the reasons for choosing particular solutions; increase confidence in decisions; and help build consensus.

Using this tool, a group of decision makers, providers, patient partners and other interested people in your organization can work together to find out how your organization acquires, assesses, adapts and applies research – and generate ideas for how and where to improve.

This resource was produced by the former Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, now Healthcare Excellence Canada.

Download the research self-assessment tool