National LTC+ Huddles 

As part of the LTC+ program, we are running a series of national huddles for registered teams to have an open and safe supportive environment to learn from and connect with other decision makers, providers, residents, families and care partners. 

Huddles are only 30 minutes long and run every two weeks. They are led by subject matter experts and organizations sharing how they tackled pandemic-related challenges. At each huddle we discuss a different issue related to safe and effective care during COVID-19, and have a group discussion to help facilitate peer-to-peer learning. Our aim is for teams to hear about practical tools or learning they can apply in their own facility straight away.

Upcoming Huddles

The following dates are confirmed, and we will populate the huddle themes as we secure presenters. Each huddle will involve a short (10 minute) presentation and then open discussion. We encourage you to join and share your experience, both successes and challenges

Each Huddle will link to a promising practice, and will be responsive to the needs of the LTC+ Program participants. As such, we encourage you to check in regularly for updated topics and also let us know about topics you would be interested discussing/sharing with the LTC + team. 

January 21, 2021: Planning for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 care: Palliative care during COVID-19 – Kathleen Yue, Director, Strategic Initiatives, BC Centre for Palliative Care and Jane Webley, Regional Project Lead, Palliative Care, Vancouver Coastal Health

February 4, 2021: Planning for COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 care: Participatory design to support IPAC in LTC – Cantal Trudel, Associate Professor, School of Industrial Design, Faculty of Engineering and Design, Carleton University

February 18, 2021: LTC assessment manual, and a focus on IPC. Dr. Louise Clément, Executive Director, Clinical Partnerships and Education Accreditation, Health Standards Ontario (HSO)

March 4, 2021: What has changed from a family presence perspective? Dan Levitt, Executive Director, Tabor Home Society

March 18, 2021: Program Review and What’s Next

How to Join National LTC+ Huddles

Teams must be registered in the LTC+ program to join the national huddles. Joining LTC+ also gives access to coaching and funding to support homes to strengthen their pandemic preparedness and respond if they do get an outbreak.

Register to join LTC+

Recent Huddles

October 22, 2020:  Prevention (Presenter: Jesse McCall, Director and Improvement Advisor from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement)

November 5, 2020:  Prevention (Presenter: Sylvia Wong-Kathol, Practice Lead Seniors Health Strategic Clinical Network, Alberta Health Services)

November 19, 2020:  People in the workforce: Psychological PPE (Presenter: Jesse McCall, Director and Improvement Advisor, Institute for Healthcare Improvement)

December 3, 2020:  People in the workforce: Residential Care Cross-learning (Rebecca Jesseman, Director of Policy, The Canadian Center on Substance Use and Addiction) 

December 10, 2020:  Pandemic Response and Surge Capacity: Visitation, the Better Together Project (Presenter: Carol Fancott, Director, CFHI)

January 7, 2021: IPAC – Jim Ayukekbong, Vice President, Infection Prevention & Control, Southbridge Care Homes