Evaluation and Performance Measurement

At the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, evaluation and performance measurement is embedded throughout our work and supports learning, decision-making and accountability.

We support teams to measure the impact of their improvement projects and to understand why and to what extend expected results are achieved and their outcomes and impacts (intended and not intended). We also use performance measurement to assess our overall organizational performance in relation to our strategy. These results are published every year in a performance measurement framework report.

Measuring the impact of innovations helps support health and social service providers and policy makers to make informed decisions to deliver sustainable improvements in patient experience, health, work life of healthcare providers and value-for-money – now, and in the future. Working with our improvement teams, we generate evaluative results that are essential to building the case for change within organizations and ensuring the sustainability and spread of improvement projects.

Evaluating CFHI’s Impact

In collaboration with our partners and a range of stakeholders, CFHI generates and supports activities and outputs that lead to healthcare improvements that can be mobilized across multiple organizations, regions and provinces/territories to benefit more people. These activities initially lead to: healthcare providers who are more knowledgeable and skilled in improving the quality of care; engaging patients, families and caregivers in healthcare improvement and co-design; and improvements to healthcare practices, delivery models and related policies. Over time, these best practices take hold in the system and are sustained and spread within and across organizations, regions, provinces and territories ultimately to contribute to improvements in healthcare system performance in Canada.

CFHI routinely commissions independent evaluations. An external provider examines our current and future value in accelerating healthcare improvement across Canada and programming achievements and organizational performance against strategic priorities and goals.

CFHI adheres to the highest professional standards identified by the Canadian Evaluation Society, which is Canada’s professional association for program evaluation.


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