Promoting Life Together Collaborative Participating Teams

The Subarctic Friendship Circle

“I was raised at the River Flatts. The Flatts are my home and will always be my home.” 
– an Indigenous woman shares her experiences growing up in Churchill.

Our goal is to promote life and build resilience in the community of Churchill by celebrating the various cultures, traditions, heritages and the pioneers - our shared environment - resulting in the “Churchillian identity”. This is accomplished largely by cultivating mentorship opportunities between youth (up to 30), seniors and Elders of the community.

Churchill is located along the Western Hudson Bay and is Manitoba’s most Northern & remote community. Traditionally, Inuit, Dene, Cree, Ojibway, Métis and Pioneers from Europe have traversed through Churchill. Even American military and scientists from around the world have converged in Churchill for Arctic exploration because of the unique subarctic climate and wildlife species, dating back hundreds of years.

The partnership is about celebrating the distinctions of each of the Indigenous groups that have contributed to the Churchill way of life, which has been influenced and cultivated by our collective resiliency.

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The Subarctic Friendship Circle

Youth Leading Youth Advisory Committee for Life Promotion
British Columbia

“Instead of being just another person that talks about wanting change or making a difference, I want to step up and start doing something!  I want to be a part of something bigger than just me and the small town where I grew up.”
- Megan Metz, Haisla Nationt

The 16 members of the Youth Leading Youth Advisory Committee represent four health authorities in BC: Fraser Health Authority, Island Health Authority, Interior Health Authority and Northern Health Authority.


Our goal is to empower First Nations youth who have lived experience with suicide to steer the collaborative project process - from planning to implementation to evaluation - while we (the partners) provide the platform for engagement and the tools, resources and support for them to succeed.

Through empowering the Youth Leading Youth Advisory Committee for Life Promotion (YLYAC-LP) members, the reach of this project will expand across BC as the members bring their enhanced skills, knowledge, and confidence back to their families, friends, schools, employers, and communities.  Each YLYAC-LP member will become a community resource capable of prioritizing community needs for action, engaging with community and leadership to plan locally appropriate responses, and building local capacity to promote life. We aim to help develop a generation of Indigenous leaders with strengthened personal coping skills, understanding of mental health and wellness, and project management skills to implement meaningful and positive changes in their communities and beyond.

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Naandwe Noojimowin Nakiiwin
Northeastern Ontario

“The impact of the program is something that I will reflect on for the rest of my life.  I finally see and feel how my actions effected my surroundings and the people I love the most......Naandwe Noojimowin is an amazing and inspiring program that everyone should be brave and take the first step and register.  You never stop learning and healing.”

Our vision is to promote nation to nation collaboration and partnerships using our culture of generosity and reciprocity to assist other First Nations communities develop and deliver the Naandwe Noojimowin program that promotes life.

We promote partnerships between Maamwesying and other First Nation communities/organizations who are ready to engage in life promotion programming. These organizations are being trained in the development and delivery of the Naandwe Noojimowin program, designed to end domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect and the effects of intergenerational trauma using a culturally strength-based approach through community capacity building and sustainability. Collaborative partnership building with internal and external agencies is key to the successful implementation and delivery of the program.

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Hope North Committee Community Led Planning Framework

“I’ve been transformed and surprised by the learning we have done. Our learning through this project has affected us more than we expected. We now see our work through this lens and are inspired to move our team and community forward with an understanding and willingness to build meaningful relationships”

Our goal is to build on the commitment, partnerships and previous work of the Hope North Suicide Prevention (HNSP) Committees by developing meaningful partnerships with First Nations communities across the north to understand community needs and support community-identified life promotion initiatives which will: 

  • Raise hope
  • Embrace meaning
  • Increase purpose
  • Enhance belonging

The intended outcomes of this project are to:

  • Engage with and develop meaningful partnerships with two First Nation communities in the north to evaluate, from the community lens, the previous work of the Hope North Suicide Prevention Committee,
  • Work with community partners to develop and implement a planning framework for the HNSP committee (Thompson) that informs and supports community driven initiatives; and
  • Share the planning framework and lessons learned to other Hope North committees, partner communities and the health authority.

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Eastern Door: Promoting Life Together  Inspiring Hope, Meaning, Purpose & Belonging
Western Newfoundland

“This program has helped me to get the love back. I was in a dark place- I now see the light in our eyes.”

Project Goals: 

  • Enhance the connection and continuum of service.
  • Increase cultural competency for mental health and addiction service providers
  • Implement Eastern Door Feather Carriers project

We are strengthening partnerships between Western Health, Qalipu First Nation and other Mi’kmaq groups and services while improving the continuum of service and enhancing support and access to these services.

Cultural competency training was held to assist employees of Western Health, Mental Health and Addiction Services move along the continuum from cultural awareness to cultural safety.

Western Health staff who are Mi’kmaq and Mi’kmaq, groups and individuals from the community are participating in Feather Carriers Leadership for Life program. The program focuses on experiential learning and exposure to ceremony and teachings. A framework is being developed to reflect Mi’kmaq cultural practices and life promotion activities.

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Walking Together Life Promotion in Youth
Northern Alberta

“If it was not for this project no one would have come to the community to hear us.”
– Community Elder Speaking to how the collaborative has created a space to build relationships and walk together to improve the health and wellbeing of the people.

Our goal is to join the community to co-design a life promotion project built on the strengths of the community.

Our project uses a strength-based approach that fosters hope to address suicide and life promotion. It is guided by listening to the voice of the community, Elders and individuals. We will walk with the communities using a culturally safe reconciliation approach to further our knowledge and understanding of the community. Respect, humility, listening and valuing the perspectives of others will be foundational in all stages of our project from development, implementation and evaluation. Together we seek to achieve meaningful life promoting transformations that support the wellbeing of the community.

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